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Some songs from my latest cd "Bonita".

This wonderful tune was originally written by John Lennon. One of my true favourite Beatles songs

Across The Universe

Visiting Cape Town in autumn 2009, hearing music and stories from the famous district 6, which no longer exist gave me the idea and title of this song, I miss South Africa, hope I soon will come back

District 6

I started to play the piano when I was 9 years old. My grandmother learned me some swedish hymns by ear. It was a good start, thats why I think I still like to play some of them. This one was introduced by a very good friend and church musician, I hope you will like this too

I Tro Under Himmelens Skyar

Solopiano concerts autumn/winter2017

Preparing next Project 2019/20 "Songs From Kilimanjaro", original music inspired by the land and home of Kilimanjaro.

"Songs from Kilimanjaro" -Song nr2 (Niklas Bjarnehäll)